I met Greg Imhoff  in 1991 shortly after he returned from his Army deployment in Germany… at a Church event in Fort Myers, Florida. From the moment, I met Greg I was drawn to him because of his positive, upbeat personality. At the time, I was new to the group and Greg sought me out to take me under his wing and make me feel comfortable. Through that initial encounter, I have gained a friend, a confidant, mentor, a God daughter (Chloe)  and most of all a true brother.

There is so much more I can tell you about our personal relationship, but mostly what I want to convey to the persons reading this, is what Greg has meant to me as an entrepreneur. Greg, has a gift to live with you and quickly understand the intricacies you face. He has a way with words and can sense what you can receive at any particular moment, he doesn’t make it about him and what he would do, he asks probing question and somehow guides you to the profound answers or roadblocks. Because of his understanding of varying personalities, positive can do attitude, his background and experience, he has the ability to tailor his approach to the need and/or person (s) at the time.

What I like about Greg is that he is a leader, that leads with his heart first, he is never overbearing even when he is brutally honest, he does it in a compassionate way. Greg loves life and he loves people, he is a highly motivated, hardworking, a great communicator who is honest and has integrity.

He loves his family and friends and I thank God, every day for our friendship.

Robert Starke , President and CEO APSTAR GROUP USA INC, and APSTAR Investment Group N.V. Paramaribo, Suriname