It all STARTS with a DREAM!

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Each of us have has a different history; even though our experiences may overlap. Many times these experiences  encouraged us to be better and other times  sent us to the depth of lament. We felt we could not reach our maximum desire or potential. It’s time to leave many things behind, it’s time to start believing in ourselves.

With a difficult life since childhood, where there was abuse, emotional abandonment, scarcity and violence in different stages of my life, be sure that the road has not been easy and perfect. At times I didn’t know how I  would survive or make it. I dreamed all the time, as I knew deep in my soul God had a better plan than the one I was currently living. Then I began to see how the impossible becomes possible with Him. You have to fight for your dreams and be determined to fight in spirit no matter the obstacles you encounter! We all have dreams in our hearts, but I do not speak of dreams of wanting to find Aladdin’s lamp and ask for three wishes. I don’t want to receive them  without having worked for them, nor the dreams we have when we ask ourselves…. What would I do if I won the lotto?  Those are not dreams of the heart, I speak of having a vision of something deeper that makes you mobilize, which will be the only reason to feel fulfilled and happy, that dream that will be unquestionably open the door to your success as a human being.


1. Have a dream: It is to have a goal, to have a purpose, if you realize all people with a clear dream in their life are successful (understand that success is not about money) but usually comes in the package. As a consequence, a dream is to have a VISION…. a direction. If you do not have a dream that excites you then you will drift through life and satisfaction will be void. For example self- doubt will sabotage your though process and impede you from stepping into your dream.  Fear erodes the soul and keeps us on dry land and we never plunge into the water. A dream keeps you alive and vibrant.

2. It helps you to discover your gifts and talents: Knowing what you are capable of, if you still do not have a dream you will hardly discover your gifts or talents, you will not be able to feel that rich pleasure of saying “I CAN” when You put those talents into practice.

3. You will know how to identify those things that are important, establishing priorities, because putting an order of importance to each goal will expedite the process.

4. A dream is to know that you are hungry for more… and chasing your true calling. What a great advantage to know you are pursuing your vision with passion. The alternative is no dream or vision and just existing with no hunger to excel. You can decide your future even if there are stones in the way, or whatever you are firm in. No one can make you disown your dream. Only you can do that!! We are the doers of our life, we are what we decide by our actions and thoughts.

So friends, DARE  to DREAM!

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