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Train2Win Institute offers a wide variety of proven solutions for leadership, development and growth that lead you to a winning team. These include on-site and public workshops, personalized training and executive training, mastermind groups online and in-house, as well as delivering the Keynote Speech.

We have a Powerful Program of Coaching & Leadership for College Students:

Overwhelmed, Stressed, Anxious…Find it difficult to fit it “all’ in? Or maybe you just need some guidance and advice to overcome a fewspeed bumps and make your life more efficient and productive as a student? Need help with preparing for interviews?

John Maxwell's Programs

1. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
2. Becoming a Person of Influence
3. Put Your Dreams to the Test
4. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

All programs are available in Masterminds Online or in person, in Workshop, Seminars half day and full day in English and Spanish.


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