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Determined IMHOFF Overcomes Obstacles
467 190 Sugeidys Arango Imhoff By Chuck Landon Greg Imhoff was upset. Every time he walked into his bedroom he felt mocked, as pair after pair of running shoes stuck their tongues out at him. Greg Imhoff was frustrated. He cast his eyes heavenward toward the finish line and asked the same question Jim Ryan asked during an asthma attack…the same question Steve Prefontaine pondered the morning after one too many beers…the same question…

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Training Center is owners DREAM come true!
Training Center is owner’s DREAM come true!
780 400 Sugeidys Arango Imhoff By Rick Guy Greg Imhoff opened the Ridgeland studio last week to offer a Gym that’s more exclusive. Aleda Shirley, in her own words, is not very athletic. Working out with weights proved a chore. I thought a personal trainer might provide the motivation and supervision,” she said. The Jackson Resident now is feeling better and getting stronger at One on One in Ridgeland. Personal Trainer Greg Imhoff…

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Social Campaign Christmas 2014 Columbia
A Thousand Smiles
780 300 Sugeidys Arango Imhoff

A Thousand Smiles is a social campaign started in 2014. I saw a child cry at a traffic light during the Christmas season. He had no one to give him a gift and was cleaning car windshields for money. After asking him to clean mine, I told myself I was going to do my best to help, along with whoever wanted to join the initiative. For 3 years now, we have helped provide Christmas gifts to children…

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