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When you find your vocation you are on vacation. Consequently; you wake up each day and feel exhilarated to get to work. It doesn’t seem like work , there is passion and gratitude and you look forward to the challenges of the day. If one finds themselves in this position, it is a great blessing. When one understands the magnitude of this blessing, they are so thankful and want to contribute above and beyond. It’s what we all desire I believe, to fulfill our calling on a daily basis. To be doing something of substance wherever we find ourselves in our daily work. To make a difference and impact others no matter where we are. I think it starts with attitude and being thankful for another day.

That has been my goal for years and still is my goal today. Most times we don’t know where to start, we just have to start. I have always been interested in the journey of people. The obstacles, challenges and defeats that turned into victories. I decided with no experience I would start a podcast and ask people to share their journey with the hope of encouraging and inspiring others. In a time when we are living with so much divisiveness and chaos…it would be a nice distraction to hear the hearts of others serving and doing good for others. Wherever you find yourself and whatever dreams are buried in you, just take a step, it won’t be perfect, maybe even ugly initially, but just start.

I had the honor of sitting down with Wren Aaron, a campus pastor here locally in the Auburn, AL area. He said numerous things that resonated with me…one in particular was a proclamation he made when he was five years old not really knowing what he was saying…but it did come true many years later.

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