BELIEVE: What does believe mean to you?

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Why do you believe what you believe?

Do you believe you have the ability to live out your purpose?

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he: Proverbs 23:7

Some say just believe and you will achieve. Not so much, I’ve never seen much success without effort and a plan. It is important how we believe regarding our dreams and goals. Our belief system will inject energy and hope in way that is contagious. If one believes things will never change, well guess what, things will never change. But joined with this belief must be diligence and discipline combined with intentional living. Also, vitally imperative that we digest information that will motivate our thoughts in a direction of fearless ambition. I know personally when I watch the news, read negative information, my environment is not lifting me up, I feel this weight and heaviness that I carry.

It is very rare when I watch the news anymore, why? It’s a barrage of negativity and spew that does not enhance my life in any fashion. I choose my friends and inner circle with care and caution. I read positive information about those who have risen above their circumstances and inspiring stories that push me forward. These are absolutely critical if your belief system is to prosper and succeed. Every morning I read a devotion… and every night before I lay my head down. I want to be fed when I get up with wisdom and positive information. I want my mind soaking up all this powerful information which in return will have huge dividends.

Don’t fool yourself and think you can feed your mind whatever information you desire and it won’t affect your belief system. We pay so much attention to everything else in our lives except the most vital instrument…our mind. We don’t think about what we digest in our minds. You eat pizza, cake, ice cream, cotton candy in one sitting, you will probably throw up. Same thing with what we feed our minds, feed it garbage and your belief system will be in the trash. We must think of noble and excellent things if we want change and have the opportunity to capture our dreams. How we think and believe will lead us to the drinking well or to the desert. We have a choice to get up, feed ourselves a healthy dose of life, chase our dreams like there is no tomorrow. You have the right to participate in this venture…We are all created equally and NO ONE is better than you. That is a lie and wormed its way into your belief system. You are denying yourself the greatest gift ever, the ability to live out your dream because you don’t believe you are good, smart, capable enough to be successful.

STOP IT NOW! Today you change your belief system by feeding your mind with “I CAN, I WILL, I AM, I REFUSE TO QUIT AND BELIEVE THE LIE ANYMORE!!” You must tell yourself “I am a CHAMPION” and no one can tell me anything that will change my direction or thought process! Start believing today that you are more than enough. Change your habits NOW! Turn off the T.V. and create your plan and work the plan like there is no tomorrow. This is your life my friend, let me say that again…” THIS IS YOUR LIFE.” People will rain on your parade and crush your dreams with negativity, but you say thank you and keep rolling. You are now fearless and in beast mode. Nothing will stop you because your now believe “I CAN.”

Our belief system has been sculpted since birth. Our relationships and cultures have influenced our belief system. Why do you believe what you believe? Why? Answer that question. Most don’t even know. Have you ever taken inventory of your beliefs and questioned the inventory? Sometimes we need new inventory to create a fresh new look. This is your day to take inventory and sort through the discontinued and buy the new. There is no tomorrow. Now is your time! We don’t know our last day here on this earth. You can keep wishing and dreaming and hoping…but what are you DOING? I am a person of faith, so for me I believe God has given us all unique gifts. It is our  responsibility to live out our calling and purpose.

  1. Change your belief system and you will change your life.
  2. The most important conversation we have every day is with who? With God and ourselves.
  3. Don’t let the lies in, and saturate yourself with positive people, places and positions.
  4. Create a Vision Board and lay it all out there.
  5. Dream Big and Live Big.
  6. Add value to others and I promise your life will change. Then you will say…


James Gregory Imhoff

Entrepreneur, CEO Train2Win Institute, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Teacher with the John Maxwell International Team. Husband , Father, friend to many and a burning desire to leave a full legacy behind. Adding value to others regardless of ethnicity or background is Greg's genuine nature!

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