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Being a person with determination is a quality one must have if they’re to achieve what they set out to do. It’s intestinal fortitude on fire. Determination means no matter what….you stay the course in spite of the obstacles and road blocks. You drive through the debris of life with an attitude that says “I will run through all challenges, scathe perhaps, but moving forward none the less. It is when other’s look at you and wonder “how do they keep moving” and doing? Determination never quits and your drive to greatness never expires.

Whoever possesses this quality can be sure that he has a powerful tool in his arsenal. Because when things get dark and the way is not clear, we must rely on our most genuine and pure values, principles and convictions. Determination combined with passion starves fear! One must feed the determination factor constantly because there is always margins for error. Hardship and difficulties will always  make a play for our joy, peace and contentment. But when one is determined like there is no tomorrow we can ricochet the play and move on. Say NO to fear and YES to victory. Be boisterous and obnoxious with fear as it has no place in your house!

Fear whispers in your ear and tells dirty secrets. Fear overwhelms you and will defeat you before you even get started. BUT….Determination and passion and a mind set that screams Victory will defeat fear every time if you are prepared. Being prepared means what? When you wake up in the morning your feet hit the ground and fear says “Oh man, VICTORY IS AWAKE!” The information you are feeding your mind and saturating your soul with is victory laden. You don’t watch garbage, read junk, your inner circle is a barricade of affirmation and edification. You have positive oozing out of your life. You don’t entertain the ocean floor eaters, you are riding the waves of growth and excellence. You laugh at fear and inhale it and exhale it in the same breath. It will not, cannot, no way ever  have your thoughts or any position in your life. You are an over comer, winner, champion and on your way to the podium.

We must always be willing to do what most do not dare to do. Stand in the face of fear and give one strong push and walk through! Sacrifices are necessary to achieve success in every area of life and determination must accompany the sacrifices. With these two siblings in tow fear can’t stand up against VICTORY!

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James Gregory Imhoff

Entrepreneur, CEO Train2Win Institute, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Teacher with the John Maxwell International Team. Husband , Father, friend to many and a burning desire to leave a full legacy behind. Adding value to others regardless of ethnicity or background is Greg's genuine nature!

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