Hi! I’m Suge…

I know it is difficult to pronounce my name, you can just call me Sue 🙂

I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, I’m a tireless entrepreneur, optimistic, disciplined, determined and grateful for the opportunity to share my journey of hardships and victories.

The road traveled hasn’t been easy at times, but through faith, determination, resilience, and perseverance the road eventually straightened out. I aspire to share hope and love while encouraging others to NEVER GIVE UP!

Suge Imhoff - MBA - Train2Win Institute

My career of more than 17 years has been working with highly recognized companies in Latin America regarding multi-national brands.

In 2008 I founded SMAB Enterprises. An elite marketing agency and consulting company. Prior to starting my company, I was Director of Marketing for a large firm Grupo Familia-Sancela in Latin America. After I formed SMAB Enterprises I continued working for the Firm mainly due to fear of transitioning full time into my own business. The reason most of us stay “stuck” due to uncertainty and our belief is not strong enough to transition.

Finally, I made the jump and dedicated myself to SMAB Enterprises and it was freedom and exhilaration beyond comprehension. I was a single mother at the time with two boys and no child support. I had five thousand dollars to my name, but now my belief was strong and nurtured… and I JUMPED!

Once the decision was made the fear subsided and I was 100% engaged!

Today, I dedicate myself to Train2Win Institute and EWoman Ministries, and recently I opened my online store with a clothing brand EWMM Store and a large percentage of the profits are for the extension of the kingdom of God which gives me great satisfaction as I continue to serving people, reach my full potential and dream bigger daily!

Suge Imhoff - Certified by John Maxwell Team

John Maxwell Team - Certified MemberI am a member of the John Maxwell Team as a certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer qualified to teach the JMT curriculum.

I have my international MBA from EUDE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Specialist in labor law from the Icesi University in Cali, Colombia. Also, Business Administration degree Univ. of Atlantico, Colombia.

I list my credentials not to impress you, but to convey my commitment to excellence in all areas of my life, positions and status are just that, what matters is your heart and desire to do and be more, to impact and leave a legacy beyond yourself for generations to come.

My faith is of utmost importance to me.

God has blessed me as a big visionary and doer. The journey has not been without many obstacles and at times the mountain looming in front of me seemed insurmountable. This is why I have a passion and deep desire to help others live a life of joy, hope, and fruitfulness.

I feel very grateful whenever a company asks me to talk to their employees, or to train their executives. I am also grateful to my private coaching clients, there is nothing more satisfying for me than helping clients achieve their goals in their personal lives and in their work.