The Process

“When you add value to others there is no amount of money that can purchase this euphoric feeling.” james gregory imhoff

Welcome to the Process!

If you are ready to grow, stretch, reach, develop and begin a process that will enhance and impact not only you but those in your circle…


Hold on tight and get ready for the ride of your life!

We have the heart to inspire, equip and impact others to live out their purpose with passion and vigor. Begin the PROCESS today that will propel your dream to become a reality. If you’re like us, our dream was just that, a dream. Once we took decisive action and were intentional about the words we spoke and our vision, we were no longer idle and frustrated.

The first step, yes, that BIG first step, the one that has fear written all over it! Even if you have to tiptoe, move forward and experience life with a real zest for the first time ever.

Process Defined

What Lies Within a Process?

Everything involves a process which can be advantageous or put us at a disadvantage.

Every day we use processes from the time we wake until we go to sleep.

Most of us never think of these processes as we go through the daily robotic motions of life. We just do… same routine, same format, yet we desire and yearn for more in our lives.

We want to matter and feel energized with purpose. We have dreams buried deep below the surface and these dreams starve and die.

But what if we could resurrect these dreams and nourish them and shower them with our utmost attention?

What if the dream was to become a reality, how would that transform your life and impact others? What if?

Train2Win Institute has developed a salient process that equips one to not only achieve but sustain transformation.

Implement the Process - Train2Win InstituteImplementing the Process

How do we implement the process?

How do we make lasting change meaningful?

Where does one begin to create change and a life where they are utilizing their God-given gifts and talents?

One does not want to feel cemented in a “job” and just exist. If nothing changes, nothing changes. We all have different personalities and traits and need to speak to our why?

What is your why?

When we find the “why” then we can implement a process step by step to climb the ladder to “when.”

Right behind the why is “when” but until you find the why the “when” is on standby!

We will find what moves and motivates you and inspires your vision. These can be different and specific to each individual.

There are categories we will travel through and eliminate the junk and concentrate on the nuggets of truth. It’s a beautiful thing when you walk in your purpose and passion.

When you add value to others there is no amount of money that can purchase this euphoric feeling.

Intentional Growth

Intentional Growth is taking steps daily to activate our faith in our pursuit of changing our lives.

What do you want out of life?

We can not produce a miracle by elaborate incantation. Words are powerful of course, but we have to be intentional in our daily actions with verve and vision.

One has to have what is commonly called “self-efficacy” — the belief that one can persevere and overcome in the face of failure, to cope no matter the size of the fear.

Train2Win Institute knows that how we think and perceive is the battle.

Change Your Perspective

Interestingly, we will train our bodies, try to eat healthily, evolve our relationships and yet neglect our minds.

What we put in our minds, what we watch, read and who we associate with affects our thoughts and vision. Our greatest and most powerful weapon we leave to chance.

We will lead you through a process of changing this perspective and transforming into a high powered thinking machine.

How can we win the battle of the mind when it’s full of fear, doubt, confusion, and chaos?

One can and one will with the right tools. Intentional growth must be done daily and then results will blossom and change is concrete and lasting!

Let’s do this and let’s do it with intent to grow and impact and equip! Let’s create change that will last a lifetime, not a few days and then we recycle the pattern.

Today we break the pattern of mediocre and thrive in excellence.