Greg Stube – Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Greg Stube has joined the team at Train2Win Institute, Stube retired from the Army after serving 23 years. His Green Beret career is well documented. His story of heroism is made for movies, but he is too humble to engage in his bravado character. After returning home and enduring 17 surgeries and an 18 month hospital stay he was offered to host “Coming Home With Greg Stube” on NBC Sports. Since the conclusion of his T.V. show , he has been a sought after speaker. consultant and is currently serving as a Leadership Presenter to the FBI and the FBI National Academy, in DC and Quantico.

Greg is a gifted speaker and leader, he speaks from his heart and everyone leaves inspired and wanting more, passionate about our youth and sincere in his efforts to impact and equip them in a positive fashion.

Greg has been interviewed numerous times on Fox news and other outlets sharing his story. We are humbled he would join our team and we are forecasting lives being impacted and changed.

By Greg Imhoff

I met Greg Stube in 1992 while serving in the U.S Army. We arrived at Ft. Benning, GA. to attend Airborne School in October of 1992. After we graduated from Airborne School we moved onto Special Forces Assessment Selection at Ft. Bragg, N.C. This is where all the ego’s and testosterone can combust into one huge flame. Here at S.F.A.S. you needed to find that comradery and bond that would help you meet the demands you were facing. The attrition rate is unbelievably high as you can imagine. Only 26 people graduated from our class and I was not one of them. Stube was one of them and became a medic, the most arduous and complex Special Forces training one can endure. Basically, he is a doctor in the war zone. From pharmacology to surgery they are trained to perform all task at a high level while under extreme duress.

His story is one of a hero, but he does not like to be called a hero. He doesn’t like to have attention drawn to him because of his actions or what happened to him in Afghanistan. Stube is humble and believes he is no better than all who have gone before him or were beside him, or those who will go after him to serve and sacrifice for our country. His actions saved many, but on this day, he had to be saved. As the team medic whose job is to save others, he found himself close to death after an I.E.D. blew up the vehicle he was in… as they were on their last push up the mountain to take victory over the Taliban.

It was not pretty and most thought he was dead or would not survive long. His injuries were catastrophic, but a miracle took place. SFC Greg Stube lived and today he tells his inspirational story with humor, love and compassion. He is grateful for his recovery, but even more grateful for the opportunity to share hope and perseverance. He is a gifted speaker beyond measure and he will inspire and I believe change your perspective on life. He speaks throughout the country and has been interviewed on Fox news multiple times. Greg had his own T.V. show on NBC sports “Coming Home With Greg Stube.”

Truly a remarkable story and more important is Greg’s passion to impact others, from the lessons he has learned on the battle field. If I can give one example of his patriotism and pride for our country: I asked him why he didn’t retire Sergeant Major. “After the injuries, I couldn’t deploy and you have to be deployable in Special Forces to get promoted. I could have transferred to a Civil Affairs Unit and would have retired Sergeant Major, but I declined.” He loved being a Green Beret and his honor was to his team.

There is much more to this man and the intricate details to his story. After 17 surgeries and 18 months in the hospital his journey is still ongoing. He was an instructor at the John F. Kennedy Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg where he trained Green Berets. After all these years our bond is still intact as it was at S.F.A.S. in 1992. I am proud to call him my brother, but more importantly he is an inspiration not only to me, but to America!

· Trained as Special Forces Medical Sergeant, 18D. Training included surgery, anesthesia, trauma management, pharmacology, minor dentistry, veterinary subjects and more, in order to help the “A-Team” function where there is no doctor

· Attended Defense Language Training, acquiring proficiency in Russian Language, which was maintained throughout Special Forces career

· Received additional skill training as a Dive Medical Technician at the Special Forces Underwater Operations Facility in Key West, FL

· SERE Qualified (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

· As a career parachutist, Stube earned the qualification of Jumpmaster and was ultimately awarded the Master Parachutist Badge

· Participated in initial development of Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat training doctrine and 10th SFG(A) SFAUC course. Weapons capabilities and shooting remained at the core of Special Forces proficiency and competency throughout a career on the teams.

· Stube spent what totals years in hostile fire zones with the Special Forces throughout the 1990s. He then served as Cadre in the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.