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Greg is President of Train2Win Institute and a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team.  Greg is passionate about helping individuals and also organizations of all types and sizes create a sustainable competitive advantage by utilizing employee team building strategies and implementing corporate plans.

One truly finds contentment when one finds their purpose and instills in others the desire to find their purpose.

Greg Imhoff - President - Train2Win Institute

About Greg

Greg Imhoff - high school runner - Train2Win Institute

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Greg was a standout athlete in high school and college.

He trained with Olympic and World Class athletes while attending the University of Oregon. Greg served eight years in the United States Army and attended numerous schools including Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA., and Special Forces Assessment and Selection and Ft. Bragg, NC. Greg was selected from his platoon at Airborne School to compete for honor graduate.

Through these experiences, Greg developed excellent leadership skills and perspective on a broad world. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew that was the direction where he could utilize his gifts and impact others.

Greg opened “One on One” a wellness and personal training studio helping individuals and families facilitate the path to healthy living. Encouraging others is his gift and passion.

Through the many challenges and obstacles in these schools and owning and operating a business, Greg garnered new coping skills.

These skills combined with his endless desire to learn about human behavior and how to impact others is his great passion. To edify and encourage others to live above their potential is his daily goal! Greg believes everyone has unique gifts and talents that if fulfilled can exponentially change not only their life but more importantly the lives of others. One truly finds contentment when one finds their purpose and instills in others the desire to find their purpose. This ignites a chain of events that can affect many in a positive fashion and leave great legacies that will change generations.

Greg Imhoff - John Maxwell - Train2Win Institute

John Maxwell Certified

John Maxwell Team - Certified MemberGreg and his wife Suge formed Train2Win Institute with the intent of inspiring others to live in full capacity.

Greg and Suge are both JOHN MAXWELL certified Speakers, Coaches, and Trainers. They are passionate and endless in their pursuit to inspire, impact and equip others to rise above their past and fulfill their capability. The past is a place of reference, not a place to be shackled and imprisoned. We all have a past and have taken wrong turns which led us astray. The mistake is to live there. It’s a new day and how you perceive this day will set up the next day and the next day and the next day. You get the picture, one must release the past and Train2Win Institute will convey the patterns that constitute success.

The reason Greg can convey and lead you down this path is that he has experienced many challenges and harsh obstacles that he had to overcome.

What kind of life do you want?

Most go through the motions day in and day out leaving their dreams to be buried. One thing we know is that we are equal. All die and leave this earth. No one is promised tomorrow or even the rest of this day. So, where does that leave your thought process? Life is short, a mist, vapor and every day we are closer to our end than we were yesterday. This is your life and must be lived intentional daily and not taken for granted. When you tap your dream on the shoulder and wake it up, get the sleep out of your eyes, stretch your dream and my gosh run, and I mean run until the dream is so ALIVE AND DANCING that no one can shut it down!! Be that person today, you have the capability and fortitude to AWAKEN the giant dream within, no more slumber !!

Playing small does not serve the world well. Let’s play BIG and get on the playground of life and bring out that youthfulness that will scream freedom and fulfillment. There are no shortcuts and many of us give up when we are right around the corner from ‘SUCCESS STREET.” You are more than capable and this day you forge a new path to a new mindset, habits and then VICTORY!

Greg has a powerful story, he is transparent and has a unique gift of connecting. Honestly, it’s something one can’t explain at all backgrounds and races are drawn to him. He is humble in a world where many do things for the wrong reasons.

It’s refreshing to be inspired by someone sincere and genuine.

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Greg Imhoff - high school athlete - Train2Win Institute
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