About Train2Win

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Train2Win Institute is an organization specialized in the formation of integral leaders with values and purpose, committed to developing themselves and others, through our programs, ongoing support and training tools designed for personal, professional and organizational growth and success.

Meet The Founders

Suge Imhoff, MBA

Suge is a founding partner and Chief Marketing Officer with Train2Win Institute. She is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team of mentors and professionals. A wife and mother of four, she’s passionate about serving the needs of people from all walks of life!


James Gregory Imhoff

Greg is President of Train2Win Institute and a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. Greg is passionate helping organizations of all types and sizes create a sustainable competitive advantage by utilizing employee team building strategies and implementing corporate wellness plans.


John Maxwell Certified

Train2Win Institute is a proud member of the John Maxwell Team, chosen by Inc. Magazine as the #1 leadership and management group in the world!

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